The Tomb Raider Suite: Mismanaged or a Legitimate Scam?

Full disclosure: I’m one of the backers of The Tomb Raider Suite Kickstarter campaign.

Dante Basco and Jonah Feingold, Keiji Inafune, Playtonic Games, Butch Hartman, Ys Net and now Nathan McCree, what do they all have in common? They are all so-called star-studded famous people and companies launching Kickstarter campaigns to fund their projects and literally promise the world on what they have to offer, only to then fleece money from their fans, manipulate them and pull the wool over their eyes once they have every backers’ money. This situation is the pure definition of, “Never meet your heroes”, and “Be careful what you wish for”. He’s yet another example of another so-called high-profile famous person treating his fans and backers like they’re unworthy.

As a result, this is why I was honestly hesitant to help E.G. Daily to promote her Kickstarter campaign and back it in the first place due to my harrowing experiences with Dante Basco’s Kickstarter (I went through a lot of hoops in an attempt to get a refund) and Playtonic Games’ Kickstarter.

Now I regret writing this article for the Metro UK’s GameCentral years ago.

Mistreating his fanbase is one thing but manipulating them for financial and personal gain is another.

Composer Nathan McCree Disappoints Tomb Raider Suite Backers by Bailing on the Project | #TipsterNews

 Nathan McCree Responds After Continued Tomb Raider Suite Kickstarter Backlash | #TipsterNews

So far, Tipster is the first (and only YouTuber) to report on this devastating, heartbreaking news.

According to Tracie Anne-Swift, she used to be the production manager of The Tomb Raider Suite and there is some disturbing news happening behind the scenes. I’m currently in talks with Tracie-Anne Swift for an interview which will be submitted to my blog in the future. This explains why a lot of us backers didn’t receive our backer rewards yet.

On that note, another member of the Tomb Raider community also wrote about the fiasco.

Alex from the Tomb Raider Blog also wrote an article in relation to Nathan’s shocking betrayal and his appalling behaviour to his fandom.

Furthermore, it’s peculiar when Nathan decided to shut down the official Tomb Raider Suite Twitter account. The account is still on Twitter but it’s no longer active. Now he posts on the official Tomb Raider Suite Facebook page and the official Tomb Raider Suite Instagram account.

In the meantime, visit the Justice For The 2615 Facebook page for more updates about The Tomb Raider Suite controversy.

Former fellow journalist and now Urinalist (The Quartering coined the term/word), Daryl Baxter, accused me of jumping to conclusions due to the allegations when he’s clearly blind to the truth and when the evidence is right in front of him. Dare I say it? He acted unprofessional towards me when he noticed I tweeted to a handful of YouTubers (The Quartering, SidAlpha, Slopes Game Room, Exclusively Games, Enigma/Unboxed and Larry Bundy Jr) which is uncalled for. To make matters worse, he blocked my ability to respond back to him. This means I can’t tell him my side of the story.

Déjà vu strikes when I’ve been accused of trying to “smear” Nathan McCree’s reputation.

On the contrary, not everyone obtained their backer rewards yet. Heck, I’m still waiting for the CD and the vinyl.

Screenshot 2
According to the backer tier I picked, nearly everything is already delivered to me except for the CD and vinyl.

Isn’t it suspicious Nathan is suddenly posting these Facebook posts/messages and Kickstarter updates without addressing how he’s mistreating the Tomb Raider community? It’s also odd when he doesn’t bother to address the allegations and ignore e-mails and messages from his backers.

Screenshot 3
Here’s an example of a disgruntled backer who isn’t pleased with Nathan ignoring his backers’ e-mails and messages.

Right now, Tracie-Anne Swift is trying to contact Crystal Dynamics (considering this is the company that gave their blessings to Nathan to launch the Kickstarter) in order to sort out this dilemma and hopefully get everyone’s money back.

These photos and screenshots are courtesy of Tracie-Anne Swift and I asked permission from her to include the photos and screenshots within this article.

Tracie-Anne Swift is with the Tomb Raider Suite team in front of Abbey Road Studios.
Tracie-Anne Swift is standing with other members of The Tomb Raider Suite team.

Remember the Composer Buffet Reception at San Francisco? This screenshot from Tracie-Anne Swift said it all:

It’s worrying when the Composer Buffet Reception haven’t been organised at all.

From what Tracie-Anne Swift told me via Twitter direct messages, the deposit (the Tomb Raider Suite team had a year to arrange either the budget or the Composer Buffet Reception) is £4000 worth of backers’ money basically mishandled all willy-nilly.

Apparently, the Composer Buffet Reception didn’t get booked. Tracie confirmed on the Thursday 20th June 2019 and Friday 21st June 2019 that it wouldn’t be proceeding and Nathan said he confirmed on the Friday 21st June 2019 which is really close to the wire for losing the deposit. The deposit is up on the Sunday 30th June 2019.

On a related note, she also informed me the vinyls (Jewel Case CD, Deluxe Tin CD and Double Vinyl Album) and the tinned CDs (Jewel Case CD, Deluxe Tin CD and Double Vinyl Album) have finally been ordered. Dave (a member of The Tomb Raider Suite team) must find the money and not do a poor job at delivering the goods with no tracking. It costs thousands of pounds to post them and the team asked her to pay £4.5k for the first round of merchandise. Her contact will not extend the deposit. This begs the question where the money is coming from despite there isn’t any money. The thing is, there is no fulfilment behind the website and some of the orders are 16 months old. By the looks of things, it’s Nathan and his spreadsheet. But there’s more, he lied about not telling people to send their broken CDs back before the team sends a replacement.

Nathan recently refunded Tracie and removed her as a backer in order to delete her comment, to silence her and prevent her from revealing his true colours. Speaking of, within the midst of the controversy, he silenced the other backers (which are painting The Tomb Raider Suite in a negative light or accusing him of irrational behaviour) by blocking them on other forms of social media, ignoring them/blocking their e-mails and messages etc.

Tracie-Anne Swift’s message is re-uploaded after Kickstarter removed it by mistake.

Only time will tell if Nathan will keep to his word. But judging by the inside information I gathered, I sadly highly doubt that.

If you have any questions, you can contact Tracie-Anne Swift on Twitter, Facebook or the Justice For The 2615 Facebook page.

Due to Nathan’s recent actions, it will be difficult/impossible to trust future Kickstarter projects and crowdfunding campaigns in the future. Fingers crossed Peter Connelly’s Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony also doesn’t go to pot.

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