A Hat In Time: Nyakuza Metro – Behind The Scenes Backstory behind “Backstory behind The Empress”

Ever since I got accepted as one of the writers for A Hat In Time zine, “Picture Perfect” I struggled weeks upon weeks, trying to come up with ideas for the backstory for The Empress, who serves as the main antagonist of the Nyakuza Metro level. Her physical appearance and her personality traits will be based on my cocksucker of a sister.

My so-called sister may have been a dickwad but she inadvertently given me a story idea which will serve as my entry for the A Hat In Time zine and yet another reason to rip her a new one. It’s time to kill two birds with one stone. I’ve already named and shamed her three times (I slammed her in a Griff The Winged Lion article for the Metro UK/Game Central website due to her judging the game by its aesthetics/graphics, I wrote a Celeste article in relation to my mental illness, anxiety and depression for the Switch Player Magazine and I wrote an Owlboy article in relation to my experience with the Autistic Spectrum and Asperger Syndrome for the Side Quest VGM website) and this will count as the fourth time.


The backstory is based loosely on how my own shithead younger sister, Wing Yee Li, treated me in the past few days.

In the past few days (Tuesday 18th June and Wednesday 19th June), she’s been extremely abusive and aggressive which is uncalled for. She assaulted me during the early morning of Tuesday 18th June and she refused to let me prepare for bed. When I kept saying “no”, she hit me which caused a bruise and a slash against the front of my hand. I attacked back in reaction to her assaulting me. She then twisted my arm and hand. To add salt to the wound, she accused me of the sleepless nights. I guess her temper runs in the family.

Screenshot 1

The reason behind the sleepless nights she claims are due to me being used to my life schedule and I have a tendency to usually keep to said schedule. Yeah, sure, she needs to wake up in six hours (it is 1:00am at the time on Tuesday 18th June at the time) but this doesn’t justify the way she mistreated me.

I take it she decided to learn kung-fu years ago is to defend herself from me. I only lash out if I needed to or if she bothers me. She doesn’t understand that I tend to take things too seriously. Just because she knows kung-fu doesn’t give her the excuse to attack me when things become heated.

Who the hell appointed her as tyrant/dictator of the house?! If I remember correctly, my mum is in charge of the house. Besides, isn’t she one responsible for paying for the bills?

The Empress’ younger sister, is of course named after that bitch of a sister. Wing Yee Li’s English name is Winnie, therefore it will be the name of The Empress’ younger sister.

As for The Empress’ birth parents, their physical appearances and personalities will be based on my parents.

Okay, so my sister didn’t kick me out of the house but she threatened me to do so twice. To add salt to the wound, she yelled at me and forced me to turn down the volume while I was having my dinner and using my PlayStation 4 to watch YouTube videos. Due to her malicious actions, her sins left a chill running down my spine and also left me shaken, frightened for my life. I still regret sharing my PlayStation 4 with that stupid git of a sister, especially when I bought the game console with my hard-earned cash.

I know I’m supposed to be the elder sister but it’s hard to stand up for myself when she easily towers over me. Not to mention, she have a well-built body than me but I suppose this is what I get for being a picky eater and never exercise. Out of my family, my mum and I are the shorter members. Although according to my mum, I’m a little bit taller than her.

Just because she’s tall and her temper rivals my parents’ temper doesn’t give her the right to bully me.

At this rate, I’m tempted to doxx her as a result for the life-long abuse she inflicted upon me.

This worsened my mental health which I already explained and described about in my Celeste article I wrote exclusively for the Switch Player Magazine.

Does anyone recall the Atomic Betty episode, “Auntie Matter”? Beatrixo’s younger sister, Auntie Matter, is the main antagonist of the episode. She returns to exact her revenge in the episode, “Wedding Crashers”, from Atomic Betty: Mission Earth.

Furthermore, does anyone also remember Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass? The White Queen is revealed to be in the wrong. If it weren’t for the White Queen lying her head off, none of the terrible things would have happened. More forms of entertainment media needs to have younger siblings as the main antagonists or be in the wrong more often these days. Villainous younger brothers and sisters are very hard/impossible to come by nowadays. Past actions can have future repercussions. This is why I want to make a statement with my upcoming fanfiction for the A Hat In Time zine.

In regards to the story idea, this is my rough synopsis: The Empress lived in a poor, council home with her mum (both her mum and her dad are already divorced) and her younger sister. Unfortunately, they’ve gotten into a heated argument after The Empress is accused of being responsible for her younger sister’s sleepless nights. To make matters worse, her parents aren’t taking the situation seriously. After being physically and verbally abused, being threatened and being yelled at, her sister kicked out of the house, leaving her homeless. This led to her leading a life of crime since she couldn’t afford a home to call her own, to purchase food or to obtain a job. Countless days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, she eventually been picked up by a wealthy family as luck would have it. Regardless of her current happy life, she soon become greedy for their bounty of money and her lust for crime is an itch which remained to be scratched. She waited until her new adopted family is asleep and snuck into where their safe is located at and stole all of their life savings from underneath their noses. She fled at the scene of the crime and build the empire and a jewellery store of her dreams.


As for the scar on The Empress’ face, it’s caused by her younger sister assaulting her during their heated squabble in her own home. This is what everyone calls, “domestic abuse/violence”.

Bottom line, people become they way they are nowadays due to abusive people, a traumatic childhood, being ridiculed and bullied in the past, having their belongings stolen from them in the past and so forth. As a result, people that aren’t the victims are usually ignorant, oblivious to their past actions and pretend to be the victims when they aren’t in the first place. I can’t stress this enough but younger brothers and sisters shouldn’t be allowed to get away with their callous, inexcusable and aggressive behaviour. Also, parents shouldn’t get away with favouritism either.


Honestly, I’d rather have someone else as my sister such as my cosplay partner, Selena Styles, or better yet, be an only child or wish my faggot of a sister is never been born.

When I buy a PlayStation 5, I’m not going to share it with her. In addition, I’m going to promise to myself that I won’t give her a Christmas present. I won’t stand for this kind of violent behaviour.

On Thursday 20th June, she went into my room to tell me to shut down the laptop since she have to go to bed early to go to work. In response, I half-heartedly nodded ‘cause 1) I don’t wanna make eye contact and talk to her and 2) I’m currently in the zone, writing a hit piece about her at the time. Not to mention, I needed plenty of time to save my progress and turn off the laptop. Once I did, I started to prepare for bed. Not only that but she threatened me to kick out of the house again. When I muttered “serves her right” after I threatened to call the police on her if she dares to kick me out of the house and I blurted out I named and shamed her on the internet one too many times already via magazine and website articles, she went ballistic and overcame with craziness, attacking me across the head, my back and across the shoulder multiple of times. I then retaliated by swearing at her, name calling her and flipping the bird at her, to which she did the same. This caused my mum to rush up the stairs to my bedroom with a bug swatter in one of her hands in an attempt to stop us from fighting and throwing verbal volleys at each other.

This caused my sister to burst into tears. The fact my mum sided with her is all I needed to know and that my assumptions about favouritism is correct. She seemed to prefer my younger sister than me.

On the other hand, making her cry is actually satisfying, serves her right for all the harm she have caused in the past few days and throughout the years. It’s satisfying to know that I’ve won and delivered the final blow with words, it’s finally about time she feels the pain I’ve suffered emotionally and physically.

This resulted in my mum yelling at the both of us and ordered me to take a shower. As I made my way to the bathroom, my mum smacked my bum with the insect swatter as I walked to the aforesaid bathroom.

My parents told me not to talk about family stuff on the internet but you know what? Fuck them. Besides, the internet exists for everyone to say what they want, right?

This really confirmed that my parents and my sister are responsible for worsening my mental health over time in the first place, not just the bullies from high school and the cyberbullies from the internet. My parents and my so-called jackass of a sister are so blind to see the truth and they are too blind to see the error of their ways. They are the reasons why I’m the kind of person I am today. Hell, I’m not sure why I still bother to talk to my mum right after the incident is over.

I may not be able to fight back like I used to but I have my way with words. You’d better watch your back, Wing Yee Li, ‘cause I will once again rip you a new one for the fourth time. At the end of the day, you eventually won’t be untouchable and you will reap what you sow. Mark my words, you can bet on it. I’ve already given you flak the previous three times and I’ll do it again. This ain’t the first time I slammed you into oblivion. In the journalist world, “slam/slamming/slammed”, means dishing out criticism without any mercy. Word to the wise, “sis”, don’t EVER mess with me otherwise I will rip you to shreds, in terms of writing a hit piece. I’ve done it before and I will do it again. In the words of Meta Knight in Kirby: Right Back At Ya! from the episode, “Watermelon Felon”, “Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword”.

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